Barry Weir: Mobile Homes Defender and Advocate

Barry Weir, mobile homes expert has been involved in the mobile home industry for almost the entirety of his professional career, and has seen and experienced firsthand the changes and trends that have, for better or worse, impacted the future of the field. Exponentially growing populations, competing industries, land leases and zoning issues have had, and continue to have, a direct effect on the direction the industry is headed, calling for the need for knowledgeable and experienced professionals to stand up and defend the industry when and wherever they can.

Barry Weir, a mobile homes professional who spent many years on the business side of the mobile home parks industry, is now retired, though he continues to be a staunch defender and a key ally of the industry responsible for providing him such an incredible and prosperous career. He has made himself an integral part of the decision-making process that is and will ultimately decide the fate of the industry.

A former mobile home parks manager, Weir has come to the defense of residents facing homelessness in the past, and was an instrumental contributor to legislation that would ultimately ensure that each resident would be re-housed. He is now a sought-after consultant and leading authority on the 2013/2014 Mobile Home Act, relied on by many for his considerable expertise in the legislation and events having a direct impact on the industry’s future.

Barry Weir, mobile homes expert is loyal to the industry that provided him so much prosperity, and continues to advocate for its success well into the future.


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