Mobile Homes Managed by Barry Weir

Barry Weir has not only designed and built custom and boutique mobile homes, but he has also been behind the operations that keep mobile home communities maintained, stable and thriving. When it comes to mobile homes, Barry Weir believes there is more to quality of life that what is simply encompassed in such a tiny capsule of living space. He believes people with mobile homes enjoy taking as much advantage as they can of their outdoor spaces, and he has had lots of experience mitigating those desires and keeping neighbor relations strong.

Strong management begins with a project that is seen through to the end, says Barry Weir. In mobile homes, this means that not only should the home itself meet all standards, but the area surrounding it is equally as important. Once he had mastered build the units themselves, he moved on to managing groups of these units clustered together to form mobile home parks in the late 1970’s. Throughout that tie he gained many residents who found him to be a trustworthy, professional manager who paid close attention to the quality of each unit and the maintenance of its surrounding space as the influential factors behind the quality of life enjoyed by his residents.

Now, Barry Weir defends mobile homes and their communities through playing an active role in legislation developments that impact the demographic. He has been a driving force behind the Mobile Homes Act of 2013, a law enacted to provide mobile home owners with new rights and responsibilities in a more populous future.


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