Barry Weir’s Mobile Homes Are Tiny Castles

Barry Weir’s mobile homes are one of a kind. His designs are masterfully crafted and tailored to accommodate the most heightened senses of good taste. His first experience in home design was on structures much bigger, grander and more often associated with luxurious life.


His remodeling work at Dunderave Castle in Scotland is a standing testament to his abilities. Barry Weir’s mobile homes took on the project with passion and enthusiasm, both of which helped push him through the restoration of this grade 1 castle. With every stone, piece of flooring and modern amenity installed, Barry Weir got a crash course in modern homebuilding that began with one of the simplest yet sturdiest classic forms of architecture.


Dunderave Castle is a breathtaking 16th century artifact that is located on the shores of Loch Fyne, right outside of in the Inverary, Argyle area. It is now enjoyed by visitors who take comfort in the mixture of old-world elegance and modern amenities that are sure to maximize the enjoyment they get out of their stay.

Barry Weir has designed mobile homes that reflect his past experience. Not only are these mobile units luxurious with modern amenities, but they also boost spacious living areas that resemble the larger and more spread out lifestyle that the people who inhabited castles once enjoyed. Weir is a person who appreciates the benefits of modern homebuilding techniques, and applies them with an old-world appreciation of living space. And his mobile home units are an exact replica of the designer’s high standards of living.



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