Barry Weir Mobile Homes: New Enforcement

Barry Weir, a mobile homes park owner, is a retired English businessman who discovered a love of classic sports cars when he turned forty years old.

That was the day that his family presented him with a Mercedes SL. As much as he came to love that car, the SL turned out to be a lemon and replaced it with an Aston Martin DB7. During these years Barry Weir also became an avid road rally driver. He has become a champion driver, winning the “Around the World in 80 Days Challenge” in 2000. Barry Weir also helped to design the Aston Martin Rapide Bertone JET 2+2, which has won him the respect and admiration of Aston Martin afficionados the world over.

Though retired since 2007, Barry Weir has also become the leading authority on the Mobile Homes Act of 2013 and has even consulted on the act. The Mobile Homes Act of 2013 updates old legislation governing license conditions on residential parks in the United Kingdom.

As Barry Weir Mobile Homes knows, the new law went into effect on of April 1st, 2014. Most park home site owners, he says, will not be affected very much by the new Act because they are fair and professional business people with well-run sites. It is a case, he says, of a few bad owners and operators having a negative impact on an entire industry.

The Mobile Homes Act of 2013, Barry Weir says, ushers in enforcement powers that will require poor conditions at park home sites to be improved, under force of law. The act also makes sure that any demands for improvements are reasonable and do not place an unfair burden on site owners.


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