Barry Weir Mobile Homes: Driving Ambitiion

Barry Weir made mobile homes his sole business concern in the late 1970s when he sold his interest in a hotel to focus on mobile homes. He spent nearly thirty years in the business before retiring in 2007. In the years in between his life had surprising and adventurous twists, including driving a 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 around the world in eighty days.

Barry Weir drove was the first person to ever do that in so short a time frame. His route took him across four continents and through twenty-two countries in what was the longest rally ever in the history of the Aston Martin. When it was over, Barry Weir emerged as the World Champion in the Historic Sports Car Class. He wrote an account of the rally and his winning performance in a book called Driving Ambition: An Adventure of a Lifetime, published in 2001.

Before he turned forty, Barry Weir had never shown much interest in sports cars, let alone competitive road rallies. Then his wife Roma presented him with a Mercedes as a birthday present, and Barry Weir was hooked; his enthusiasm only deepened when he got an Aston Martin DB7 for his forty-fifth birthday.

Barry Weir began taking part in as many road rallies as he could fit into his schedule, and he consistently placed in the top five in most of the rallies he entered. Then in 1998 he heard about the “Around The World in 80 Days Motor Challenge,” planned for the year 2000, and he decided right away to take part. “I have often had cause to reflect on my good fortune in my choice of a mate,” he wrote in Driving Ambition. “If it were not for Roma’s tolerance, patience and sense of humour, not to say generosity of spirit, I would never have managed to drive around the world.”


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