Barry Weir Mobile Homes: Dunderave

Barry Weir mobile homes led the mobile homes industry in the United Kingdom for nearly thirty years, before Barry Weir retired in the middle of 2007.

In a life that has had many surprising twists and unexpected highlights, Barry Weir’s list of accomplishments includes the restoration of a Grade 1 Castle in Scotland called Dunderave. “It was a sixteenth century castle in an idyllic location on a promontory of Loch Fyne, close to Inverary,” Barry Weir recalls. He happened to see an ad for the castle in a glossy real estate magazine not long after his fortieth birthday and was intrigued to learn that the old citadel was for sale. “I immediately sent off for details.”

Barry Weir arranged to see the castle and the property on which it sat. He had an inkling he might like to buy it, but to be on the safe side did not tell his wife Roma what he was thinking. Instead, he took her on what he said was a weekend getaway to Scotland.

“It was a fine sunny day” the day that Barry Weir and Roma saw the place. Once she understood her husband’s intentions, Roma took it well. “Under Scottish property law there is no advertised asking price, so I offered what we could afford, and in October 1988 Dunderave Castle became the Weir family home,” Barry Weir later recalled. “Roma thought that it would be a challenging adventure, humouring me I suppose.”

Barry Weir mobile homes are names that have become synonymous in the United Kingdom.


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