Barry Weir: Mobile Homes Defender and Advocate

Barry Weir, mobile homes expert has been involved in the mobile home industry for almost the entirety of his professional career, and has seen and experienced firsthand the changes and trends that have, for better or worse, impacted the future of the field. Exponentially growing populations, competing industries, land leases and zoning issues have had, and continue to have, a direct effect on the direction the industry is headed, calling for the need for knowledgeable and experienced professionals to stand up and defend the industry when and wherever they can.

Barry Weir, a mobile homes professional who spent many years on the business side of the mobile home parks industry, is now retired, though he continues to be a staunch defender and a key ally of the industry responsible for providing him such an incredible and prosperous career. He has made himself an integral part of the decision-making process that is and will ultimately decide the fate of the industry.

A former mobile home parks manager, Weir has come to the defense of residents facing homelessness in the past, and was an instrumental contributor to legislation that would ultimately ensure that each resident would be re-housed. He is now a sought-after consultant and leading authority on the 2013/2014 Mobile Home Act, relied on by many for his considerable expertise in the legislation and events having a direct impact on the industry’s future.

Barry Weir, mobile homes expert is loyal to the industry that provided him so much prosperity, and continues to advocate for its success well into the future.


Barry Weir: Mobile Homes Skills That Are Without Equal

Barry Weir, mobile homes expert has considerable knowledge, expertise and experience of the mobile homes industry, having not only designed and built multiple custom homes from scratch, but having also created, developed and managed entire neighborhoods of mobile homes residents who enjoy the affordability and freedom of the mobile home lifestyle. Through weir’s work, many people have enjoyed the benefit of living in a well-managed, safe and clean mobile home environment, one that has continually ensured a satisfying living experience for the mobile home enthusiast.

Barry Weir, mobile homes expert has extensive skills in mobile home design, construction and parks management, though his business acumen and experience is just as substantial. Throughout his career, Weir has been able to combine his knowledge and skill for mobile home living with the business management and development expertise needed to consistently achieve a high level of prosperity and success. Not only is he a skilled mobile homes business leader, he is also an industry innovator, and has demonstrated his talent for creative idea development and implementation on numerous occasions.

Barry Weir, mobile homes professional has continually displayed the creativity, ambition and business acumen needed to pursue and accomplish his objectives, and to establish himself as a respected leader in the professional business community. Now regarded as a leading authority on both mobile homes and on the Mobile Home Act of 2013/2014, Weir enjoys success as a consultant on the mobile homes act.

Weir was the primary professional restorer of Scotland’s famous Dunderave Castle.

Mobile Homes Managed by Barry Weir

Barry Weir has not only designed and built custom and boutique mobile homes, but he has also been behind the operations that keep mobile home communities maintained, stable and thriving. When it comes to mobile homes, Barry Weir believes there is more to quality of life that what is simply encompassed in such a tiny capsule of living space. He believes people with mobile homes enjoy taking as much advantage as they can of their outdoor spaces, and he has had lots of experience mitigating those desires and keeping neighbor relations strong.

Strong management begins with a project that is seen through to the end, says Barry Weir. In mobile homes, this means that not only should the home itself meet all standards, but the area surrounding it is equally as important. Once he had mastered build the units themselves, he moved on to managing groups of these units clustered together to form mobile home parks in the late 1970’s. Throughout that tie he gained many residents who found him to be a trustworthy, professional manager who paid close attention to the quality of each unit and the maintenance of its surrounding space as the influential factors behind the quality of life enjoyed by his residents.

Now, Barry Weir defends mobile homes and their communities through playing an active role in legislation developments that impact the demographic. He has been a driving force behind the Mobile Homes Act of 2013, a law enacted to provide mobile home owners with new rights and responsibilities in a more populous future.

Barry Weir: Mobile Homes

According to Barry Weir, mobile homes have plenty of benefits to offer, especially for anyone who likes the freedom of knowing they can pick up and go wherever they’d like. They are also a huge money saver and can aid character development for someone who wants to gain skills of adaptability and minimalism. His fascination with this type of lifestyle drove him to build and design custom mobile homes in his younger years, where he eventually moved up to manage large and upscale mobile housing developments.

His business skills and work ethics were developed at an early age, however his ability to construct living spaces started to grow in an extravagant setting. Barry Weir invested lots of time and money into his remodeling of the Dunderave Castle on the coast of Loch Fyne in western Scotland. The beautiful job he did is now enjoyed by residents and visitors on a daily basis.

After his experience with Dunderave Castle, Barry Weir started to design mobile homes based after the spaciousness and luxury of a castle. He found ways to put every square inch to use, allowing for maximum storage capacity and the ability to stow all belongings without creating clutter in the living space. His designs also display certain levels of luxury that not only make the resident feel pampered, but also very much at home in their own private mobile unit. Barry Weir has built mobile homes that have enhanced the happy and healthy lives of people and their families, making him a top choice in his industry.

Barry Weir’s Mobile Homes Are Tiny Castles

Barry Weir’s mobile homes are one of a kind. His designs are masterfully crafted and tailored to accommodate the most heightened senses of good taste. His first experience in home design was on structures much bigger, grander and more often associated with luxurious life.


His remodeling work at Dunderave Castle in Scotland is a standing testament to his abilities. Barry Weir’s mobile homes took on the project with passion and enthusiasm, both of which helped push him through the restoration of this grade 1 castle. With every stone, piece of flooring and modern amenity installed, Barry Weir got a crash course in modern homebuilding that began with one of the simplest yet sturdiest classic forms of architecture.


Dunderave Castle is a breathtaking 16th century artifact that is located on the shores of Loch Fyne, right outside of in the Inverary, Argyle area. It is now enjoyed by visitors who take comfort in the mixture of old-world elegance and modern amenities that are sure to maximize the enjoyment they get out of their stay.

Barry Weir has designed mobile homes that reflect his past experience. Not only are these mobile units luxurious with modern amenities, but they also boost spacious living areas that resemble the larger and more spread out lifestyle that the people who inhabited castles once enjoyed. Weir is a person who appreciates the benefits of modern homebuilding techniques, and applies them with an old-world appreciation of living space. And his mobile home units are an exact replica of the designer’s high standards of living.


Barry Weir Mobile Homes: New Enforcement

Barry Weir, a mobile homes park owner, is a retired English businessman who discovered a love of classic sports cars when he turned forty years old.

That was the day that his family presented him with a Mercedes SL. As much as he came to love that car, the SL turned out to be a lemon and replaced it with an Aston Martin DB7. During these years Barry Weir also became an avid road rally driver. He has become a champion driver, winning the “Around the World in 80 Days Challenge” in 2000. Barry Weir also helped to design the Aston Martin Rapide Bertone JET 2+2, which has won him the respect and admiration of Aston Martin afficionados the world over.

Though retired since 2007, Barry Weir has also become the leading authority on the Mobile Homes Act of 2013 and has even consulted on the act. The Mobile Homes Act of 2013 updates old legislation governing license conditions on residential parks in the United Kingdom.

As Barry Weir Mobile Homes knows, the new law went into effect on of April 1st, 2014. Most park home site owners, he says, will not be affected very much by the new Act because they are fair and professional business people with well-run sites. It is a case, he says, of a few bad owners and operators having a negative impact on an entire industry.

The Mobile Homes Act of 2013, Barry Weir says, ushers in enforcement powers that will require poor conditions at park home sites to be improved, under force of law. The act also makes sure that any demands for improvements are reasonable and do not place an unfair burden on site owners.

Barry Weir Mobile Homes: “At Great Personal Risk”

Barry Weir of mobile homes fame had retired from the workaday world in 2010, when unexpected events thrust him back into the spotlight.

Barry Weir was walking along the shore with his wife Roma one cold February day when he spotted a man who he first thought was just playing around in the surf. But a closer inspection showed that something wasn’t quite right. The man was fully dressed in a black suit, for one thing. So Barry Weir got out his cell phone and called the authorities. But moments later he saw the man roll into the water face down, and disappear from view.

Without hesitation, Barry Weir stripped off his outer clothing and ran into icy surf. “There was no one else there,” he recalled later, trying to explain his actions. “It was just second nature, really.”

Barry Weir describes himself as “not a good swimmer at all,” yet he was intent on trying to help in what he quickly concluded was a life-threatening situation. “When I got out there and four foot waves were crashing over me, the question of ‘what am I doing here?’ did come into my mind,” he admitted afterward. By then he had nearly reached the man. “There was a break in the waves so I went for it.”

He was able to pull the man up to shore and high onto the beach, where he put the man in the recovery position. Other bystanders had by then come to his aid and they performed CPR on the man. Unfortunately these heroic actions came too late, and the man died.

“It’s a pity I couldn’t get to him in time,” Barry Weir, mobile homes park owner, later said. He was recognized for his heroic actions, Being presented with the Honorary Testimonial from the Royal Humane Society “for having, on the 22 February 2010, at great personal risk, courageously attempted to save the life of a man in danger of drowning in the sea at Flaghead Chine Beach, Poole, Dorset.”